• Image of Shield Patch (Iron-on patch)
  • Image of Shield Patch (Iron-on patch)

7,5 x 8,5 cm patch

Iron-on instructions:

Fabrics like denim and cotton provide the best base for iron-on patches. As a general rule the fabric you choose should be at least as heavy as the patch.

Think about design and placement. Before you heat up the iron, lay out your jacket and decide where exactly you want the patch to be placed

Lay the base item on a flat, heat-resistant surface. If you don't have an ironing board, you may also lay your item across a doubled-up bath towel on a table.

Place the patch in the position you chose. The adhesive side should be flat against the base fabric. Make sure that the patch isn't crooked.

Heat up an iron. Turn it to the hottest setting your fabric can tolerate. Make sure the "steam" option is turned off, and that your iron isn't full of water.

Position the heated iron over the patch and press down. Hold the iron there for about 15 seconds. Apply as much pressure as you can by pressing down firmly.

Remove the iron and allow the patch to to cool. Lift the towel and check to see whether the patch is fixed on securely by gently rubbing at the edge with a finger, trying to lift it. If it lifts up a bit, replace the towel and press it with the iron again for 10 seconds.

Sew patch edges after ironing if you want it to stay there forever!

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